Saturday, January 23, 2010

Killer Guides' Release of the Unofficial Star Trek Online Klingon Guide

In Star Trek Online, there are two major types of characters that can be made : Klingon or Federation. The Star Trek Online Klingon Guide is custom-tailored for the Klingons and covers all relevant information to the race. Throughout the guide is information on everything about them such as their classes, skills, and even the differences between Klingons and Federation races (such as in what ways one is better than the other and in what ways they aren't).

Along with the Klingon guide offered by Killer Guides, there is also the Star Trek Online bundle pack. This includes not only the Klingon guide, but also the Federation one, currency guide, and a PvP guide. Along with this, buyers get access to other Star Trek Online guides written in the future. More information about the bundle pack can be found at .

The Star Wars Online Klingon guide is made for both new and old players alike. Information can be found that is helpful for both players who have never stepped foot in the Star Wars world, and also those who have been playing for a long time. A full list of the available Star Trek Online strategy guides can be located at .