Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star Trek Online Beta Key Giveaway

For very little effort on your part, you could be playing Star Trek Online... TODAY!

Greetings fellow Trekkies. Through a combination of sheer stubborn pandering along with the exceptional generosity of Atari and Crypic Studios, we have acquired a number of beta keys for Star Trek Online.

To get yours all you need to do is the following:

“Ta'pu' 'ej HIja' mah DIchDaq”

  1. Log onto Twitter and follow the four NowGamer accounts: @NowGamer_Dan, @NowGamer_Nick, @NowGamer_Tom and @NowGamer_Events.
  2. Once done - and yes, we WILL check - Tweet @NowGamer_Dan requesting your STO beta key.
  3. At some point the same day, Dan will DM you with the key via Twitter.
  4. Once your key is received, tweet this to your followers "I got a Star Trek Online beta key from @NowGamer_Dan. Click here to find out how you can too."
  5. Enjoy Trekkie paradise.
If you do not have a Twitter account, then you'll need to start one. It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Here are the instructions in Klingon.

Vegh a vo' vo' Atar 'ej Crypic Studios maH ghaj mI' vo' beta keys vaD Hov Trek Online.

Tlhap Hoch SoH Daq ta' 'oH.